Tuesday, January 14 6:30pm Council Meeting

Tuesday, cialis January 14, 2014 is the next Council meeting. The meeting starts at 6:30pm and is help in the school library. Kids are welcome.

o Approval of Agenda/ Minutes
o Volunteer Recognition
o Update on activities of Council

  • Communications Committee – new website!
  • Events:
    • Movie Night x2
    • Holiday Fair
    • Valentines Dance
    • Spring Fair
  • Parent Resource Library (Jen L)
  • Fundraising
  • Alternative lunch programs: adding Pita Pit Motion (Brian)
  • Hats
  • Valentines Day Card Fundraiser
  • Corporate Partnerships – Motion
  • Lone Star Fundraiser
  • Tag Along Toys Fundraiser
  • Treasurer’s Report (Maggie)
  • Inter-School Council Update/ Boundary Review (Megan)
  • Adoption of Privacy Policy – Motion
  • Principal’s Update (Marilyn)
  • Other Business

Upcoming dates of note:

• Events Committee Meeting: Tuesday, January 11 following Council meeting
• Family Dance: Thursday, February 13 6-8pm WEJ gym
• Next Council Meeting: Tuesday, February, 18 7pm WEJ Library
• Family Movie Night: Thursday, March 6, 2014 6-8pm WEJ Gym

Motions to be voted upon:

Alternative lunch programs: adding Pita Pit & approval of expense Motion

Whereas the parent community indicated an desire to have additional lunch program alternatives to the current pizza program run by school volunteers;

And Whereas the parent community desired to have additional lunch programs as a fundraising initiative for School Council, particularly as the funds raised from the pizza program do not go to School Council;

And Whereas, after the investigation of several alternative lunch programs it was determined that the Pita Pit provides a healthy lunch program which meets the nutrition standards for Ontario school boards and which will also be easy to facilitate in delivery and distribution;

And Whereas it will cost approximately $300 to set up a “Hot Lunches” online ordering system to facilitate this new fundraiser for School Council, which system can be used for subsequent fundraising initiatives;

Now therefore, Brian Turner moves as follows:

“WEJ School Council resolves to incur the expense of setting up the “Hot Lunches” online ordering system to facilitate the new lunch program and other future fundraising initiatives”; and

“WEJ School Council will move ahead as quickly as possible with initiating a new lunch program offering through Pita Pit”.

Seconded by:

Corporate Partnerships – Motion

Whereas School Council has determined that it wishes to increase the amount of fundraising it does each year and would like to explore fundraising initiatives which involve community partners;

Now therefore, Megan Cornell moves as follows:

“WEJ School Council approve the 2014 Corporate Partnerships Program as presented”.

Seconded by:

Adoption of Privacy Policy – Motion

Whereas School Council has increased significantly it’s electronic communication with the School Community and has a goal of reducing the paper communication sent home to parents by replacing it with electronic communications;

And whereas maintaining an electronic communications database is crucial to this effort;

And whereas WEJ Council has a publicaly accessible website which posts information regarding school activities as well as pictures;

And whereas, protecting the privacy of the personal information of the school community is of great importance to School Council;

Now therefore, Megan Cornell moves as follows:

“That WEJ School Council adopt the Privacy Policy, as presented”

Seconded by: