New Parent Resource Library Needs Your Input!

WEJ School Council has received a “Parents Reaching Out” Grant to create a Parent Resource Library for our school – we already have over 80 books!

This will be located in our school library, where parents and guardians will be able to sign out books through Mme. Poirier. A list of the titles in our special collection will be available on the WEJ School Council website.

We would love your input! If you know of any book titles that you feel would benefit our school community, please email your suggestions to with “Library” in the subject line, or place a note in our mailbox in the office by March 26th.

We will also gladly accept any book donations, that are in good/excellent condition, on topics that you feel will help guide our school’s parents and guardians. Desired subjects include any books that would help assist our students with their at home learning (literacy, math, ESL, etc), books discussing mental health, physical health, learning disabilities and all other family & life issues.

Thank you for your support!
WEJ School Council